The Importance of Education

A short matter of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to be a speaker at a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn. Despite the anxiety and stage fright that I knew I would endure, I decided to persevere and (successfully!) delivered the speech in front of… just a few people. No biggie. (For those who cannot detect sarcasm, that was it.) My speech prominently focused on education, university and why I think that Jeremy Corbyn is the leader that the Labour Party not only needs, but deserves.

To get swiftly to the point, I decided to publish my speech to the internet for those who are interested, or happen to stumble across it and find themselves interested in what I have to say.


“John McDonnell once said that “education is a gift from one generation to another and is not a commodity to be bought and sold. It is a public good, essential to any society.” I inherently believe that as education is a human right and not a privilege, young people should not be persecuted or put at a disadvantage because they can not afford a higher education. Education is a wonderful thing and should be invested in and easily accessible for everybody, no matter how old they are or where they come from.

I am a seventeen year old local girl. I attended a local school and I am now studying at a local college, and the problems associated with higher education trouble me as someone currently applying to university. Like thousands of others, I am worried about the enormous amount of debt that I will amass when I embark upon university study. Yet people who are worried about this choose not to go to university because of the financial problems that are attached to a higher education. Why should young people be prevented from furthering their education because the Conservatives have decided to charge them enormous amounts of money for wanting to be educated? Why should we be prevented from having a higher education because we come from a less privileged area?

The Conservatives are stripping education piece by piece, scrapping maintenance grants, which gave people who perhaps couldn’t attend university the means to attend university; the Tories are tearing down the comprehensive school system and attempting reforms to universities, which would allow certain universities the opportunity to increase their tuition fees above £9,000, in detriment to those who already struggle with the current fees. Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for education hugely inspires me as a student. Jeremy opposed introducing tuition fees and he has opposed increasing tuition fees. He prioritises education and the future of the next generation of world leaders, teachers, doctors. He promises an end to tuition fees, reinstating maintenance grants, a National Education Service that will invest in those in education no matter their age, and he recognises the importance of properly educating the people of tomorrow.

I am a firm believer that Jeremy Corbyn will continue to fight for us, the young people, the future generation, as he has previously done before. His track record only proves this; since he became leader of the party, the membership has increased massively; he has inspired a mass movement of people to become engaged with politics, some people for the first time. Since Jeremy became the leader of the Labour Party, the party has been returning to its core democratic socialist roots, as Jeremy is a man that epitomises integrity and the principles of democratic socialism. He has been on the right side of history his entire political career and is an honest man promoting honest politics.

I am proud to say that I voted for Jeremy Corbyn in the previous leadership election of 2015 and did the same again this year. I voted for him not just because his attitude towards education inspires me, but because I believe he has a vision to make our country a better place for all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from and that is why I would encourage you to do the same.”


So, there you have it. Whether or not you align with my political views, I (like to) think that I raised some universally applicable points.


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